Installation, Beachclub, Bar / mixed media / 13-15 June 2014

Make yourself ready for a personal encounter either in the cosy beachclub or on the big wheel! Be open to harken and to exchange your thoughts. Who are you? How is your identity pasted together? Drink and dance wild to mongolian-german pop! Talk to a stranger while the sun goes down over the Spree.

"(Re)Constructing identity opens the space to six Mongolians, who live in Berlin to talk about their lives. In six tents you can meet different life realities and think about your own. We worked with video, sound and installation and tried to capture six great personalities!


Artdirectors: Hanna Salzer, Rudi Fink (http://rudifink.info/), Antshi von Moos and mongolians, who live in Berlin
The installation was presented in Radialsystem V, Berlin (http://www.radialsystem.de/)