80min/ 2016/ HD

"Exchange" tells the story of three young women. They meet each other during a youth exchange program in Israel. The Journey begins on "The Holocaust Remembrance Day" and ends on "The Day of Fallen Soldiers" and "Independence Day". It is a time which is full of emotions, a time in which people celebrate and mourn at the same time. The girls are overwhelmed, from themselves, from situations, from the army of boys. They spin and swirl, confront each other, fight, feel loved, understood and ignored, they experience in these ten days an emotional rollercoaster. What's left is bruises, loneliness, incomprehension, maybe a spark of hope, and lots of things to think and reflect about, for Clara, Lev, Shamiya as well as the viewers!
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I am the director of "Exchange"
The movie will be realized with sodafilm (