80min/ 2013/ HD

What exactly does "freedom" mean to Laura and Hiba? The film raises this question and documents two ways of dealing with one's own freedom. Could it be that Laura's social year in Bolivia is not really her own free choice, but rather simply her toeing the line to the trends of the young in Germany? Could it be possible that Hiba's need for individuality and self-determination in her social environment reflects the liberation of woman in the Muslim world? Is Hiba perhaps part of a movement, even if it is a small movement?

During an international youth exchange for young dancers in Israel, the lives of this two young women convene: Hiba (17), from Sheikh Dannoon, a Muslim village located in Israel, meets Laura (18), from Berlin. Girl's Wings searches for moments of freedom and finds them: when the young girls float across the dance floor, when they stand together under a waterfall, or when the complexities of the world bring forth tears.

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"Girl's Wings" wins the OMANUT-Price 2014 in Switzerland!
The movie had his teampremiere in Nov.2013
I was the Director and Producer of this movie.